Have you ever wanted to try meditating? Have you meditated before and are looking for some simple but effective guided meditations?

There are many benefits of Meditation; balancing the mind and emotions, bringing through guidance and insight from the higher self, helping to find a sense of stability and setting you up for the day ahead. If you would like to read more on the benefits of mediation, why not check out this article - Benefits of Meditation

Members of the Higher Dimensional Healing Foundation have written and recorded a selection of meditations for you to listen to and use . They can be used at any time for self healing, promoting insight, stress relief and much more. Please do take a look at our meditation collection and allow yourself the space for a quiet few minutes to relax, reflect and enjoy.

We are also starting to record some live audios via our Facebook Page, commencing with our first live event on Sunday 16th June 2019 to mark 8 years of the HDH Foundation. These will also be available as part of our Meditation Collection for you to replay and include 15 minutes of insight and meditation followed by 15 minutes recorded during the Sunday healing. Ideal to listen to at 8.45 pm on a Sunday to lead you into the healing at 9pm, or to listen to at any other time. Some say they feel the healing energies kick in during the period of silence following the first 15 minutes, as if that moment in time is captured in the recording...