Meditation Collection

Here you will find a collection of meditations that can be used at any time for self healing, promoting insight and stress relief etc.

This collection will continue to be updated

Three Roses Meditation

This meditation brings through for the individual the three higher aspects of active intelligence, love and wisdom and will and purpose

16th June 2019 - Live Audio Recording

This live audio was streamed via our Facebook Page to mark 8 years of the HDH Foundation and the Sunday Healings.

"Light & Life" Live Recording

Meditation and Healing to bring inspiration, love and joy. It will uplift you from the burdens of daily life, helping to ease any pain or discomfort.

Meditation for Peace Love and Purpose

The purpose of this meditation is to connect you to the truer aspects of yourself, aside from the physical, emotional and mental attributes. Sometimes we forget that we have great potential as individuals and can harness this through meditation

Colour Insights and Meditations

This is a series of inspired writings and accompanying meditations on the seven colours of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet

Lotus Meditation

This meditation brings about a realisation of your inner beauty and uncovers a strength within that many may feel they have lost. On these occassions, it is helpful to refocus, clear our minds and through the use of this meditation we can symbolically lift ourselves out of that which ties us down and knocks our being

Finding your true purpose: Meditation and article

Now is the perfect time to focus upon your visions and goals for the future. Which direction do you wish your life to follow? What do you want to achieve? We so easily get caught up in our daily business that we can sometimes forget that we each have a special purpose, a deeper purpose than simply going to work and shouldering our responsibilities.

Meditation to Protect and Inspire

We live in a rather turbulent and fast moving environment and in order not to let ourselves absorb or be overwhelmed by this pace, self protection is very important

Meditation to bring about Peace and Strength

This meditation can be used during difficult times to help one to bring some peace into their lives. A simple and visual meditation appropriate for anyone to use whether one is an experienced meditator or not