Free Healing

At the heart of the Higher Dimensional Healing Foundation is our passion and dedication to provide free absent healing every week on Wednesday and Sunday evenings at 9pm (UK time). We have made healing available since setting up in 2011; the weekly rhythm is now well established and continues to grow.

To take part and receive the healing, all you need to do is submit names below.

So what do you do to receive the healing?

You would be most receptive to the healing energies if you can find a quiet place, away from disctractions, for the duration of the healing. We have put together the following sequence which you may find useful to use when receiving the healing. Keep checking this page as we are in the process of putting togther an audio file of the following sequence for you to listen to during the healing:

  • Sit or lie quietly with no distractions.
  • Place your hands on your heart centre (chest area). Take 3 deep breaths to calm the physical, emotional and mental state.
  • Stay here for  minutes allowing the breath to flow naturally...
  • Then visually a sphere of light above the head.
  • Either continue with your hands on your heart centre of place them on an area of discomfort as needed, go with your intuition.
  • A stream of light from the sphere above your head connects to your heart centre.
  • See a two-way flow from the sphere and the heart and let all discomfort drift away...
  • Relax into the peace and love that surrounds you for 15 minutes