Finding Your True Purpose

Now is the perfect time to focus upon your visions and goals for the future. Which direction do you wish your life to follow? What do you want to achieve? We so easily get caught up in our daily business that we can sometimes forget that we each have a special purpose, a deeper purpose than simply going to work and shouldering our responsibilities.

What is your true purpose underlying your everyday activities? It can be a challenge to understand or accept our purpose because often this involves the letting go of fear and restriction in order to manifest new ideals. We can cling to past beliefs because this makes us feel safe and secure; it is the unknown that can seem uncertain.

Others can also influence us both positively and negatively. Many voices around us can cloud our own inner voice. For example, ‘You haven’t got the time, money, ability…’ to do that. This can colour our own thinking so that we put our important inner visions aside. We can also restrict ourselves, such as ‘I’m not confident enough, not experienced enough etc…’

What are your plans? What are your ideas? What is stopping you from achieving your dream or goal? It helps us to think of the analogy of small acorns growing into majestic oak trees. It only takes the seed of one idea to grow into a vision for the future. Small steps can lead to giant strides forwards if we accept that there are obstacles but don’t allow these to take away the focus of your life in the present moment.

When we listen to our own inner voice and trust and believe in ourselves, we begin to trust and believe in others. Our soul purpose can therefore shine through. Through meditation we can connect to this aspect of our true selves, our soul. Through regular connection to the soul via meditation we can begin to be open to insight and wisdom that is beyond the restrictions of every day life.

A new vision then becomes apparent, one that embraces our true ideals. This vision when pondered upon becomes ideas to carry forth and manifest into physical reality. Do you wish to heal, teach or contribute towards humanity in some form?

Finding your inspiration will come in time if you accept that you have a true purpose and begin to learn what this purpose is. It is very easy to focus on our own physical or emotional wellbeing in life, but we also need to remember our spiritual wellbeing too. This is also a part of us that needs nurturing and attention to help it grow and progress.

The need to nurture our own spiritual selves is not for selfish gain or to hide away from our problems; it helps us to know who we truly are, so that we can then radiate this outwards to others. This inner strength becomes a light to shine upon the world.

As this was written, we were in the astrological sign of Aquarius. The lessons learnt in this sign involve the acceptance of the new ideals for the future, including co-operation, unity and sharing. As we also enter the Age of Aquarius these ideals begin to gradually manifest within our world.

We each have an important part to play through our soul purpose, so we can help change life for the better; for ourselves, for others, for the future.

Then the barriers that are apparent can be broken down. The uncertainty that change creates can provide a bridge for a new way of thinking. As chaos appears around us, we can connect to that quiet, sacred space within that is both constant and infinite. Then our own potential is limitless and once rigid thoughts give way to creativity and abundance.

Attempt to spend a few minutes daily focusing silently within through meditation, thus connecting you to your true essence. There is no need to actively search for answers as to your true purpose, simply connecting in this way will allow inspiration to flow. Mentally focus on the silence that is part of you and insight will naturally unfold through continued connection in this way.

Your true purpose lies within. Harness this to create positive change for yourself and others. Let now be a time for you to become who you truly are…a being of love and light.

The following meditation is a simple exercise that you can do daily to help you connect to the soul (higher self) and create the space for you to develop your soul purpose. Strive towards your goals, follow your heart.

You can download and print the meditation wording here

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