Colour - Insights and Meditations

On this page you will find a series of inspired writings and accompanying meditations on the seven colours of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet.

Colours each have a specific vibration and energy. Think of the colours within the electromagnetic spectrum where infrared has the longest wavelength and lowest frequency, through to ultraviolet which has the shortest wavelength and highest frequency. The visible colours within this spectrum span the colours of the rainbow and their specific energy can be worked with to heal and to resonate with different aspects of your mental, emotional and physical being.

The information given on the colours has not been gained from books or through research. Each colour was meditated upon by one of the Foundation members and what follows in the material below is the insight that was gained.

A suggested way to use this page is to scan through the colours below and see which you are drawn to at this time. You may like to hold the following question in mind: "What colour do I need at this time?" If one colour stands out from the rest, then perhaps that is the colour which you need to meditate with at this time.

You could also choose to work through the meditations one by one by using them as your daily meditations. For example, starting with the red meditation, do this everyday for a week and then move onto the orange meditation for the next week and so on.


Red is the thunder of the colours, it holds immense power and strength. It is a balshy little colour, not afraid to stand and fight for a just cause.

The vibration of a fearless symphony, drawing on the strength of an orchestra which can drum up the most tremendous energy from the depths of one's being.

Like the fire in a volcano, it has magnificence but can also erupt with such fury it can be uncontainable. This is the side of the colour which should be watched with care, for its strength can easily run away with you.

On the flip side, with a focussed determination, its energy can be used to ones advantage when put to good towards a needy cause. In such cases, using the colour red, you can muster up a strength you may never have known you had, a secret supply of will power to be drawn on when there is a need.


To truly feel the essence of orange, you must find within you your creative being. Imagination, creativity and activity are key themes to the energy of this colour.

Picture children acting out a fantasy life, where the spaceships they fly in and the planets they discover are as real as the trees and as alive as the birds. This is true imagination, grounded onto this plane for that moment in time. The creation of a reality; and with this creation comes joy and excitement and passion.

Work with the vibration of this colour to discover a childlike innocence which unlocks the now built up boundaries of your imagination.  With the walls of your mind pushed further afield, discover the joy to be held as you explore the depths of your imagination. Let go and allow yourself to roam free within your creation.

Through using the colour orange, tap into its ability to lift your spirits, feel its vibrance, its zestiness.  Orange is both uplifting and joyous.  These qualities help to cut a path through dark thoughts, clearing the way for a ray of sunshine.  Negative aspects are repelled from this colour, the joy within beating them back until they are no more.


Yellow is like the sun; refreshing, revitalising, uplifting. Flood your mind's eye with yellow and you cant help but be uplifted as its zingy essence penetrates your being like a ray of sunshine.

Bright, light and energetic, yellow will put a spring in your step and carry you forward with a smile.  Bringing your confidence to the forefront from the depths of your being such as the sun teases the shoots out from seeds buried in the darkness of the soil.

Use yellow for encouragement to flourish and grow.  Take an idea you wish to develop and surround it with bright sunny yellow, see how the vibration combats any obstructions and hindrances, allowing the idea to follow its course and burst into life.

On the flip side, with a focussed determination, its energy can be used to ones advantage when put to good towards a needy cause. In such cases, using the colour red, you can muster up a strength you may never have known you had, a secret supply of will power to be drawn on when there is a need.


The essence of mother nature; providing the nourishment of the earth combined with the warm rays of the sun captured and transposed into physical form.

Let yourself be nurtured by the vibration of the green energy, let its rays penetrate the minute atoms and soothe their anguish. Mentally wrap yourself in a swathe of green and feel yourself enveloped in healing hands; assisting you; holding you; healing you.

Green emanates companionship. Picture the colour green to alleviate feelings of loneliness or isolation. We only have to open our eyes and look around us at nature to see we are surrounded by that which we often overlook and do not see. The green of the trees, the green of the plants, the bushes, mosses and grasses. Always there as a reminder that we are not alone.

Green helps to overcome isolation, bringing unity and with it strength.


Bringing you a touch of serenity, the blue energy carries with it the voices of angels.

Its vibration resonates with the element of air, so think of angel wings and soft whispers echoing in the breeze, its light touch fluttering like a thousand butterflies.

Work with the colour blue to bring about a peace within your core.  Feel its light and calming touch quiesce even the most turbulent of emotions. Soothing and gentle, it softens rough edges with a loving touch. Be it the mind, the emotions or the physical body that appears ruffled and raw, the energy within the colour blue has the ability to settle and still.

Work with blue to find a stillness, that centre of silence, no speech, no chatter, no noise. Allow the energy of blue to give you comfort in this space, for here, without the interruption of the outside world, inspiration and insight will flow.


The swell of the deep blue sea, the expanse of the midnight sky, indigo is velvety and rich. Its colour reaches deep within the subconsciousness, accessing past thoughts and past lives.

Use indigo to retrieve past memories and go back in time. This can be useful during a healing to take the consciousness to a place in need of healing where it can then be worked upon without the waking consciousness reliving the effects of the past.

Staying with the theme of time travel, work with indigo to take you forward. Using its energy, allow yourself the foresight to place yourself in a future situation in which you want to be. Absorb this colour's energy and let it carry you forward, building thought forms and constructing a future path.


Opportunities and possibilities, violet oozes expansion.

Work with the energy of violet when you feel yourself at a cross roads, uncertain of which path to take. Let yourself be guided and inspired with the vibration of this colour.

Providing clarity and direction, use violet to assist those hazy ideas floating around in your head to come together, to combine in such a way that you can easily see the way forward.

Beautiful and inspiring, violet whispers in your ear with a wisdom far surpassing that which resides in our everyday waking consciousness.

Allow yourself to hear, embrace its energy.