Dear friend,

Welcome to our site dedicated to the art of healing. You have been drawn to our Foundation for a reason, maybe that reason is a need for you or for a loved one to receive compassion and healing. Or maybe like us you have a passion about the need to connect through the open heart, to reduce the suffering in the world and see humanity linked together as a whole.

Our work here is honest and true, providing those in need with the opportunity to receive healing energy over the boundaries of time and space. Please feel free to peruse our site and submit your name or the name of a loved one for our Free Healings to sit within our sphere of healing energy.

May the healing energies envelop you with love, heal your pains and suffering and bring you strength, health and happiness.

 We look forward to you joining us on a Wednesday and Sunday. In unity we bring the love of the soul forth to meet the need.

 In loving wishes,

The Members of the Higher Dimensional Healing Team

As each individual interacts with the Foundation, they add their light and we start to become one.